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Pulsar is an affordable and easy-to-use solution to ensure your warehouse stays organized. Adopting Pulsar will increase the productivity of your workforce, lower your costs, and help you work smarter.

Higher Productivity at Lower Cost

Pulsar is designed to empower warehouse managers to adopt a lean warehouse strategy. Pulsar provides tools which improve warehouse key performance indicators such as inventory accuracy, lead time, receiving efficiency, and pick and put away accuracy and speed. This increases productivity and drives-down costs.

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Increase Inventory Accuracy

A high rate of inventory inaccuracy can result in unexpected back orders, dissatisfied customers, and higher overall costs. Pulsar provides exceptional visibility on the location of all inventory at any moment in time. Pulsar's counting, stocktaking and adjustment tools allow warehouse workers to maintain a high level of accuracy by continually validating inventory records.

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Pick Inventory with Precision and Speed

An inaccurate order can result in inventory being returned to shelves and a higher rate of return. Low pick rates caused by disorganization or errors increase lead times and overall costs. Pulsar's workflows allow warehouse workers to pick product with increased precision and speed, which results in happier customers and lower costs.

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Reduce Lead Times

Partially filling an order is an inconvenience to customers and a quick way to lose a sale. Pulsar's real time inventory tracking ensures the maximum number of orders are shipped in full.

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Ensure Inventory is Received and Put Away Quickly

Disorganized receiving areas and slow or inaccurate put away practices use up valuable warehouse space, lower inventory accuracy, increase lead times, and increase overall costs. Pulsar makes it easy for workers to receive and put away inventory quickly.

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Solve Common Problems

Pulsar is specifically designed to address warehouse disorganization, helping you focus on what is important.

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