Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to run Pulsar in my warehouse?

To run Pulsar in your warehouse you will need:

1) Pulsar Software (and related licenses)
2) Pulsar Compatible Mobile Scanning Devices
3) Windows Server (local or cloud)
4) Wireless Infrastructure
5) Product and Location Bar Codes
6) Digital Order Data

What kind of mobile scanning devices are required, and can they be purchased with Pulsar?

Pulsar is designed to work with a range of android-based mobile scanning devices and a variety of supported hardware solutions are available for purchase with Pulsar. These hardware offerings have been optimized to provide customers with the best user experience.

Can customers use their own mobile scanning devices, or devices from another vendor?

Yes. Customers are welcome to use alternative mobile scanning devices if they choose but should check with Pulsar to ensure their devices are supported. Supported hardware can be used at no additional cost. It is also possible to integrate some unsupported hardware with Pulsar at customer request. Customer’s considering this option should be aware that additional integration and support costs may apply.

What are Pulsar’s server requirements? What if we don’t have our own server and Information Technology (IT) staff?

Pulsar requires a Windows server running an instance of SQL Server (any edition, including SQL Express). Customers have the option of providing their own server or using a cloud server provided by Pulsar. Customers who provide their own server are responsible for all server hardware, server licenses and IT support. Customers who choose to use Pulsar’s cloud server will have all licenses and support provided – this is a great option for companies who do not have their own dedicated IT infrastructure.

What wireless infrastructure is required?

Pulsar depends upon quality wireless infrastructure to connect customer’s mobile scanning units with the software which resides on the server. For the system to be effective, customers should ensure they have professionally installed and maintained wireless infrastructure, appropriately secured, with full warehouse coverage. Pulsar can provide customers support in this area if required through our Information Technology partners.

What kind of product and location barcodes are needed?

Pulsar uses product barcodes to track inventory. Product barcodes provided by the vendor or applied at the time of receiving work well. Pulsar also uses barcodes to identify warehouse storage locations. Customers will require bar codes for every discreet location in their warehouse - the more granular the better. The Pulsar team can provide recommendations on location labeling, but this is the responsibility of customer.

What digital order data does Pulsar require, and what format does it accept?

Pulsar accepts digital order data in standardized Excel (.xls) format. Integration with other data formats is possible. For formats other than .xls an additional integration cost may apply depending on the type of data used and complexity of the integration.

Can Pulsar be used if we have multiple warehouses?

Yes. Pulsar is an effective tool for managing inventory across multiple sites.

How do updates to Pulsar work? Will I need a new license to upgrade to the latest version?

All Pulsar sales include an annual support contract. This contract provides customers with unlimited product support, and access to the latest version of the software. Pulsar is continuously being improved and we want to ensure our customers always have the best possible product.

Can Pulsar be modified to meet our company’s particular needs? If so, does this affect product updates?

Pulsar is designed with the customer in mind and can usually be modified to meet the customer’s needs. In these cases, customers consult with Pulsar’s development team to discuss the scope and cost of the project. Modifications are compatible with future versions of the program, and the customer will continue to receive product updates.

What kind of team do I need to assemble to get Pulsar deployed in my warehouse?

The installation and integration of a warehouse management software solution is no small undertaking, and the size of the team will depend on complexity of the project. An installation and integration team could include the following roles:

1. Project Manager
2. Software Provider and Hardware Provider(s)
3. Integrator
4. Company IT Staff
5. Company Representatives and Project Champion

What if I don't have all the required expertise in-house?

Pulsar has partners which can provide a full suite of project management, integration, and IT services. For these projects, an example of an installation and integration team would be:

1. Pulsar (Software and Hardware)
2. Hart Software (Project Management and Integration Partner)
3. Company Representatives and Project Champion